Thursday, January 12, 2012

Designing a Dragon Wristband

About a year ago, I started sculpting a 3-D dragon wristband. The dragon’s body went smoothly. Then my Honey-Do suggested that the dragon needed wings. “He needs to be a Medieval style dragon, not a wingless, Oriental style dragon.”

Wings! I agreed, wings would be fantastic, but, how could I add wings, without creating a design nightmare? Wings would stick up and get caught on everything. How could they be attached? If I made them small enough to not protrude, they would look out of scale with the rest of the dragon. This one small detail, could throw a wrench into the whole design process.

And it did. All last summer, my dragon sat in a box, waiting for me to finish him. He looked fantastic, but wingless. I knew in time, that the answer to the wing dilemma would come to me, but, this answer was taking way too long.

So many design details to work out. I needed a clasp, and not just a standard jewelry style clasp. It need to be in scale with the dragon. The clasp needed to be rugged and secure, but small enough to not intrude into the design dimensions. I wanted to surround the dragon with rocks. Not glittery rhinestones, but masculine, realistic rocks. I dug through my rock collection for inspiration, and found a handful of shiny quartz crystals. Perfect! The base for the dragon and his rocks need to look rough and natural. I wanted the look of cooled lava. All these details were finally worked out, but the wings answer still eluded me.

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