Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dragon Bracelet in Black 3-D Dragon Jewelry

It's 2013, and here is my newly designed dragon cuff. He is a big, bold, and sexy, 3-D beast! The brass backing allows the dragon cuff to flex and be infinitely adjustable. I used a flexible urethane rubber for this black dragon cuff. The flexible urethane rubber allows his head, horns and wings to bend without breaking. The brass cuff base allows the dragon to be custom fitted by the wearer for a snugger or looser fit. This dragon cuff is tough! He can take lots of action, in any kind of weather, and still look great. Totally water proof, heat proof, and chemical resistant, he's made for the long haul. If he starts looking a little dull, just give him an Armour All wipe down, and he's ready to go again.

I had though about the possibility of casting my dragon cuff in a different material. But, I do not think the design would work in any kind of metal. Sterling silver would be beautiful, but so expensive. And the dragon would be too heavy and clunky to wear comfortably.

You can BUY it HERE: Dragon Bracelet in Black by In Art studio on Etsy

Dragon Bracelet in Black Dragon Jewelry

Black Dragon Jewelry Cuff

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Ziane said...

Hello ! Great brazalet !! Do you know the name of the model on the picture?? so handsome <3