Thursday, March 29, 2007

Of Owls and Pussycats or The Great Owl Paranoia

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat. But not in Colorado!“Watch out for the owls, they will eat your cats.” What? My cats are big, fat, spoiled house cats. I doubt an owl could even pick one up, let alone fly away with it. But these owls, I am told, are huge. I can hear them hooting in the trees at night. So the Great Owl Paranoia begins. My cats get their Nine Lives dinner at 4PM and they are not allowed out afterwards, no matter how much they beg at the door. I still have not seen one of these monstrous, feline eating owls. But, I am sure they are lurking in wait, for a tasty kitty snack.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm now listed in The American Artists Bluebook

Sounds cool, huh?
Check it out at I have an artists Biography, (which is not finished yet) and a studio with a few of my pieces. But I still have to come up with a professional looking picture to add to my bio.

BTW, I just received my new Colorado drivers licence. Of course the photo is horrendous. I was wearing my red ski jacket. But, it looks orange in the photo, like I am a member of the state prisoner road crew! Yikes! Wish they would have kept my Florida picture. It was taken 10 years ago, back before the wrinkles.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mountain Moods #103 Contemporary Art Landscape Painting

Contemporary Art Landscape Painting "Mountain Moods #103" 12 x 48" Acrylic & Mixed Media, March 2007. This is the third painting in "The Mountain Moods Series" For larger pictures and details see the link: Mountian Moods #103

Monday, March 19, 2007

Mountian Moods #101 Original Painting

"Mountain Moods #101 12 x 48" Acrylic & Mixed Media, March 2007
"The Mountain Moods Series" is a new series I have just started. This is another example of my innovative Recycled Plastics Technique. The recycled plastic gives the canvas a wonderful surface texture. This texture is not only interesting to look at but creates a desire to touch the piece. This extreme texture is unattainable with any kind of paint gels.

The texture is very 3-D. When view from across the room. this painting looks like just paint on canvas. However, when viewed up-close, the painting comes alive with texture. No matter the angle of viewing, the texture is apparent. The combination of recycled plastic, canvas, glue, and finally, colorful acrylic paint is my own original technique and design. This texture is even more amazing when viewed under dimmed lights. The play of shadows makes it take on a whole new life.
For Larger pictures and details see the link: Mountian Moods #101

Mountain Moods #102 SOLD