Monday, March 26, 2012

Mermaid Bracelet in Antique Ivory Resin with Octopus, Dolphin and Treasure Chest

I love old scrimshaw, so I wanted to make a mermaid bracelet that looks like Antique Ivory. I think it looks like a bracelet found in an antique shop or maritime museum, or a bracelet carved at sea by a sailor, on an old whaling vessel. Titled "Treasure" from my Iridescent Sea Series. Imagine this Saltwater Siren swimming around your wrist. Stunning!
This beautiful Mermaid and her sea life friends are a 3-dimensional jewelry sculpture cuff bracelet, full of detail, down to tiny scales on both the mermaid's tail and tiny pearls and crystals. The Mermaid and her octopus girlfriend are trying on jewelry from a treasure chest. The girlfriend octopus has gone "over the top" with a tiara and jewelry on each arm, and is reaching for more. A baby dolphin is getting in on the fun, and sports a pearl necklace. A school of tiny fish are hogging the mermaid's mirror.
Antique Ivory Mermaid and Octopus Bracelet

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