Monday, July 28, 2008

New Clear Resin Jewelry Mermaid Bracelet

Clear Resin Jewelry Mermaid Bracelet

Huge Clear Resin Jewelry Mermaid Bangle Bracelet

This is a new clear resin cast mermaid bracelet. I think she turned out great, for my first one. I have more of these in the works. This bracelet took 5 separate castings to make. I kept my fingers crossed, that I would not mess up the last cast.
Description: A colorful 8 inch long, hand cast Mermaid and her Surgeonfish entourage are encased in water-clear resin. Her blue-black hair is studded with tiny pearls. Her tail shimmers with iridescent color that changes from turquoise to blue to violet. She is about to pluck a large pearl from a shell she just found. The background is highlighted with iridescent violet-blue and green-gold "seaweed". The Mermaid and her 5 Surgeonfish friends all have Swarovski Crystal eyes. Stunning!

This is a HUGE-WIDE bangle bracelet.

Height is just over 2" at 2 5/32",
Inside Diameter is 2.55 inches,
Inside Circumference is 8 inches,
Outside Circumference is 11 9/16 inches,
wall thickness is 9/16 inch.
Weight is 189.7 grams or 6.7 ounces.

This is my first time making and uploading a video. I tried to keep it simple. Just in case it does not work, I included a picture.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Modern Resin Jewelry

Huge Clear Resin Seahorse and Starfish Bangle Bracelet
Huge Crystal Clear Seahorse & Starfish Resin Bangle Bracelet SOLD

Resin jewelry is in, again. The old vintage pieces are still hot items. The old Bakelite and phenolic and celluloid pieces are fetching high prices. We are a plastics society.

I love plastics. I spent my career designing industrial pumps and motors with plastics. With all of our new plastics technology, and all the new resins on the market, the possibilities are unlimited. Take a look at all the plastics around you. Most of these plastics started out in a liquid resin state. Endless varieties of shapes and colors. Does this get your creative juices flowing? It does mine.

Here is an example of what you can do with plastic resins. This bracelet is composed of 3 different resins. Each resin is cast in 4 different molds, in 4 different pours. This bangle bracelet is just one of my designs.

Challenging? Yes. Fun? Of course. Easy to make? No.
I am currently working with 4 different resins, each with it's own chemical properties, and quirky characteristics. Each must be measured and weighted differently. Each must be handled and cured differently. Then there are the molds. No, not the kind that grow on my shower floor, the kind you cast into. First I sculpt the master. Then the master is used to create a mold. Each type of resin requires a different kind of mold material. I use 4 different kinds of mold silicones. These guys can get expensive. So I baby them, give them frequent bubble baths and mineral oil rub-downs. Ooh! That sounds heavenly.

I have many more designs awaiting birth. There are mermaids, seahorses, dolphins, and some really fun, high-tech designs coming out very, very soon. So, keep your TV tuned to this channel.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Back......

This has been a trying and busy year, and it's only half over. Lost my little 7 year old Grandson, Nicholas, to cancer. Already had the cancer beat, but it came back, and his little body just could not handle the chemotherapy a second time. We miss him so much. He was such a sweet and tough little guy. He will always be close in my heart.

My daughter and her husband, felt that it was a good time for a change in their lives. So Tom and I drove the truck and trailer back to Florida, loaded them up, and moved them to Pueblo. I love having them so close by. I don't have to worry about hurricane season, no more.

I am getting a 10 x 10 foot addition to my studio. I am soooo happy. It will be nice to have room for all my art and jewelry making stuff. Tom just finished pouring the concrete foundation today. Yipee! Now we get to do the fun part.

We are building an observatory, with a real dome. An automated, computer controlled place to keep that gigantic telescope, besides the living room. I will not be sad to see it go. Tom keeps a sheet over it, and I swear, it looks like a ghost. He is blogging the whole thing here.
So if you are into astrophotograpy or thinking about building an observatory someday, check it out.

I have been busy developing a new line of jewelry, resin jewelry to be exact. Love making the silver, but the price of sterling is through the roof. Time to try some new ideas anyway. Will post pictures soon.