Thursday, August 16, 2007

They Voted NOT to Let Me Enter Clay Show

They voted NOT to let my polymer clay art in the Clay Continuum show. "They" being the other clay artists. Maybe, by next year, I can change their minds about polymer clay.
While my little polymer clay sculpture, sat waiting at the gallery for a decision, someone came in, and fell in love with him, and bought the little guy. So, "Life is a Blancing Act" is SOLD

Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Show for Clay Artists

This month begins a new show in at the SPACe Gallery. It's called the Clay Continuum.
I dropped by with one of my smaller polymer clay sculptures. Not sure if they will accept me into the show. All the other artists work in earthen clay, the kind you need a kiln to fire. I explained that it is clay and it was fired, just not the same kind of clay. They liked my sculpture, but have to take a vote. I hope they will allow my art work into the show.

"Life is a Balancing Act"
Polymer Clay Sculpture
20"high x 11.5"wide x 7"deep
July 2007 SOLD

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sawing Your Own Lumber

I sat in the little bit of shade that the pickup truck provided. Wearing my boyfriend’s hat and getting the seat of my pants wet from the rain soaked log I was pearched on. I watched in amazement as Tom took logs and turn them into 2x4’s. They do that here, in Colorado.

Where I come from, if you need some lumber, you make a trip to Home Depot. You pick out the prettiest boards, pay the cashier, and load them into your truck. But, you don’t get to watch your man, all muscles and sweat, playing Paul Bunyan. My goodness! Let me see you do that again, Honey.