Friday, October 03, 2014

Mermaid Bracelet from InArtStudio2 Six Mermaid Bracelet Designs

Mermaid Bracelet Collection

Each mermaid is from a different geographic location. And, what makes this mermaid bracelet collection so much fun, is that each mermaid comes with her own story. My daughter Marjory, is now making and selling a new collection of Mermaid Bracelets in her store, InArtStudio2. She calls her new collection "The World of Mermaids Collection". There are 6 different designs in this mermaid bracelet collection. Such cute and fanciful mermaid stories, some funny, some sad, but each story is entertaining. There is the Arctic Ocean mermaid and her adopted baby Orca Whale. The Maui Island mermaid who loves to tease the tourists. The Galapagos Island mermaid and Darwin. And while you are there, check out the matching mermaid headbands, they are so pretty. I love her designs. I think they will be a hit with mermaids of all ages. You can see all her mermaid bracelets for sale here:
Mermaid Bracelet Collection by In Art studio2 on Etsy