Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dragon Bracelet in Black 3-D Dragon Jewelry

It's 2013, and here is my newly designed dragon cuff. He is a big, bold, and sexy, 3-D beast! The brass backing allows the dragon cuff to flex and be infinitely adjustable. I used a flexible urethane rubber for this black dragon cuff. The flexible urethane rubber allows his head, horns and wings to bend without breaking. The brass cuff base allows the dragon to be custom fitted by the wearer for a snugger or looser fit. This dragon cuff is tough! He can take lots of action, in any kind of weather, and still look great. Totally water proof, heat proof, and chemical resistant, he's made for the long haul. If he starts looking a little dull, just give him an Armour All wipe down, and he's ready to go again.

I had though about the possibility of casting my dragon cuff in a different material. But, I do not think the design would work in any kind of metal. Sterling silver would be beautiful, but so expensive. And the dragon would be too heavy and clunky to wear comfortably.

You can BUY it HERE: Dragon Bracelet in Black by In Art studio on Etsy

Dragon Bracelet in Black Dragon Jewelry

Black Dragon Jewelry Cuff

Monday, March 25, 2013

Crystal Dragon Jewelry 3D Cuff

Finally, I am making progress, with my big 3-D Crystal Dragon cuff! I decided to order a quart of a new, super expensive, super clear rubber urethane. I am still running tests, but, so far, so good. What a steep learning curve there is with this new resin. The temperature has to be just right, the pressure has to be 60psi minimum, the wind has to be out of the east, etc. The cure time is 16 hours under pressure, then another 6-8 hours at room temp, then into the heat box for another 16 hours at 160 degree F. That is a long time to wait, until you can de-mold, and see if your casting was successful.

Crystal Dragon Jewelry Cuff

I am loving how this new resin looks. Here is a test sample shown against the brass cuff. The brass backing will allow the dragon cuff to be infinitely adjustable.

Crystal Dragon Resin

The clarity of this new resin is amazing. Except for the brass end strips, my prototype is almost finished. For two years, I have been working out the details of this design. I am so excited to see my crystal dragon cuff design come together! NOTE: Compared to optical glass, which has an index of refraction of 1.50, this new resin has an refractive index of 1.488. That is pretty close to crystal clear.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mermaid Jewelry - Mermaid in a Shell Pendant

Here is the latest mermaid jewelry design from my Iridescent Sea Series. I sculpted this mermaid in clay, and then used this clay master to create the mold, and finally I hand cast this mermaid pendant in tough and durable, urethane resin. Cast in white pearl resin, there is an iridescent shimmering Aurora Borealis layer, that gives the Mother of Pearl effect. Titled "Sleeping in a Shell", this mermaid pendant is 2 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" tall. You can read about sculpting this mermaid in my previous post.

Mermaid Jewelry - Sleeping in a Shell Pendant

You can see all my mermaid jewelry for sale here: Mermaid Jewelry by In Art studio on Etsy

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mermaid Sculpture - WIP - for Mermaid Pendant

My new mermaid sculpture is finally looking close to finished. All the finishing touches are done. I decided to add a big 12mm Swarvoski pearl and sculpted her right arm. I like how the big pearl makes her look even smaller. I have more smoothing to do, and fixing small details, then she should be ready for a final bake. I am anticipating the next mermaid sculpture. An even smaller mermaid for a ring.

Mermaid sculpture for shell mermaid pendant

This tiny mermaid sculpture has no arms yet, and still needs hair. The shell is 2-1/2 inches tall. That is my baby finger on the right. My sculpting tools were too big, so I ended up using sewing needles and pins.

 Mermaid sculpture progress photo 1


Compare her head to the size of my thumb! I need stronger magnifying glasses...... It's like looking at a splinter in your finger all day.

Mermaid sculpture progress photo 2

I little more smoothing to do, and then she's going into the oven for her 1st bake. After that, I will not have to be so paranoid about accidentally bumping into her face. I have been thinking about adding a big Swarvoski pearl, nestled into the bend in her tail, and draping her right arm over the pearl. What do you think? Pearl? No pearl?

Mermaid sculpture progress photo 3

She finally has some hair and her left arm. She looks sooo much better not bald.

Mermaid sculpture progress photo 4

I keep taking macro photos, so I can look at her close up on the computer screen. I did get some higher power reading glasses last weekend. Helps a lot. Makes me dizzy when I try to walk around in them.