Monday, March 11, 2013

Mermaid Sculpture - WIP - for Mermaid Pendant

My new mermaid sculpture is finally looking close to finished. All the finishing touches are done. I decided to add a big 12mm Swarvoski pearl and sculpted her right arm. I like how the big pearl makes her look even smaller. I have more smoothing to do, and fixing small details, then she should be ready for a final bake. I am anticipating the next mermaid sculpture. An even smaller mermaid for a ring.

Mermaid sculpture for shell mermaid pendant

This tiny mermaid sculpture has no arms yet, and still needs hair. The shell is 2-1/2 inches tall. That is my baby finger on the right. My sculpting tools were too big, so I ended up using sewing needles and pins.

 Mermaid sculpture progress photo 1


Compare her head to the size of my thumb! I need stronger magnifying glasses...... It's like looking at a splinter in your finger all day.

Mermaid sculpture progress photo 2

I little more smoothing to do, and then she's going into the oven for her 1st bake. After that, I will not have to be so paranoid about accidentally bumping into her face. I have been thinking about adding a big Swarvoski pearl, nestled into the bend in her tail, and draping her right arm over the pearl. What do you think? Pearl? No pearl?

Mermaid sculpture progress photo 3

She finally has some hair and her left arm. She looks sooo much better not bald.

Mermaid sculpture progress photo 4

I keep taking macro photos, so I can look at her close up on the computer screen. I did get some higher power reading glasses last weekend. Helps a lot. Makes me dizzy when I try to walk around in them.

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