Monday, February 25, 2013

Searching for the Perfect Color of Turquoise

I have been conducting color tests all week, looking for just the right color of opaque turquoise for my mermaid jewelry. I want a turquoise that is not too blue, nor too green. I want a luminous turquoise that is saturated and bright, not too light, not too dark. The right color of turquoise, is the one that makes me smile, and reminds me of the sunny Caribbean. The perfect color of turquoise, makes your skin glow, even without a summer tan.

I mix up small 4 gram batches of resin and combine different pigments, and pour the resin into my small starfish molds. I take careful notes of what and how much of each colorant I mix. Once the resin has set up, I transfer my notes to a white index card and glue the starfish next to the notes. This makes it easier for me to compare the color of all of my test samples. These index cards are then filed away in a recipe box for future reference. I also transfer these notes to each of the mixing cups, with a permanent marker, and keep them in stacked by color family, in my casting room. As I type this, I am thinking how anal this all sounds.

The decision of color all comes down to placing each small starfish on my wrist, and judging how the color looks against my skin. I am still looking for that perfect color of turquoise. Maybe, if I add just a dab of ......

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