Saturday, November 05, 2005

Liana Turnbull Bennett

Liana Turnbull Bennett
My name is Liana Turnbull Bennett and I am a self-representing artist. My style is
Innovative, Unexpected, Unconventional, Out of the Ordinary, Unusual, Unique…Modern, Contemporary? Well, close enough. I am excited and pleased to be able to show you my work.
My Links are:

My Website:

My Art on Ebay Search for "INART" on ebay

and of course, this Blog: The Painted Artist

I hope you enjoy this Blog. And thank you for stopping by.

Artist Challenge

My name is Liana, The Innovative Artist on Ebay. Instead of anxiously watching my paintings at auction, I have decided to explore an idea for promoting artists and their artwork.

I am a Self Representing Artist with a website and an Ebay Store. I want to find a way to make the public aware of the multitude of talent to be found on the Internet. But, this needs to be fun. I want to get away from the stuffy professional Gallery Art image and explore the fun and creative side of being an artist.

I am extending this invitation to all self-representing artists. Send a single photo of your own artwork, and links to your websites. Your links can be to your website, your Ebay Store, your blog, etc. But, most importantly, send a photo of yourself - painted.
The painted part can be a hand, foot, face, etc. Have fun with this. Showcase your own personal style, as well as your personality. Is your art flamboyant, serene, playful, conservative? Let that show through. Do you specialize in landscapes, still lifes, portraits, abstracts? Here is your chance to show the world your true inner self. Just remember that you will be representing yourself as a professional artist to the public, so let's keep this tasteful.

Tonight, I will attempt to paint my face. I will be using acrylic paint, as this removes easily with soap, water, and a washcloth. I know this because I have accidentally painted myself on numerous occasions. Being a female, this should be easy. I have had a lot of practice applying makeup in the mirror. I am picking an evening when I will be home alone, hopefully without interruptions. I will attempt to take a decent self-photo and post it so everyone will get a better idea of what this blog is all about.

This is my first attempt a blogging so please excuse any mistakes.

Best Regards to All,