Saturday, November 05, 2005

Liana Turnbull Bennett

Liana Turnbull Bennett
My name is Liana Turnbull Bennett and I am a self-representing artist. My style is
Innovative, Unexpected, Unconventional, Out of the Ordinary, Unusual, Unique…Modern, Contemporary? Well, close enough. I am excited and pleased to be able to show you my work.
My Links are:

My Website:

My Art on Ebay Search for "INART" on ebay

and of course, this Blog: The Painted Artist

I hope you enjoy this Blog. And thank you for stopping by.


TeAnne said...

WOW this looks fantastic and what an excellent idea. Well done. I might try it too :)


Lisa Nelson said...

That's excellent, Liana! Not quite sure how you did it but it turned out great!


Rebecca Grantham said...

Fantastic Piece!!! Great Idea

The Epiphany Artist said...