Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Sculpture - "Harley" The Biker

Another new sculpture just finished. "Harley" is a biker. He is bad to the bone, with his custom flame paint job. He wears a black leather Do-rag and sports a gold earring. He is so fun, I love the way he turned out. I wanted him to be free standing and viewable from all sides, so I mounted him firmly to a base. He is finished on all sides, so he looks great from every angle.
To see details and pictures of "Harley" see the link below

Free standing Sculpture Size: 15" tall x 12" wide x 21" long


"van Vliet" Art Blog said...

Liana, great sculptures. Very intriguing. My painting "Wisdom of the Northwest" has some similarity I think. Certainly this motif is fun and has a world of possibility to explore.

Liana Turnbull Bennett said...

Hi Gordon,
Tried to find your mask, "Wisdom of the Northwest", but it was not there. Thank you for the comment you left about my Harley sculpture.
I am eager to do another skull sculpture.