Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Original Artwork Painting Started

New Original Artwork by Liana Turnbull Bennett

I went on a hike to Zapata Falls last weekend. The falls were still mostly frozen, but the creek was thawed with a little ice left on the rocks. Took some pictures and ran them through the computer. Wow! The colors were amazing. With just a bit of tweaking, I got a photo I just had to paint.

Why do I get so excited about rocks? I just love them. I see each rock is a unique work of art, created by God, free of charge. I pick them up, bring them home, and squirrel these treasures away. My boyfriend is no longer surprised when he finds rocks in his truck. Good thing he loves me and understands my obsession.

I picked a 24 x 30 inch canvas, so I have room for all that detail. I am using acrylic paint, thinned down like watercolor paint. I love the effects achievable with watercolor paint, but I need the permanence of acrylic. Let's face it, I am a klutz. And, my kitties are still too rambunctious to be trusted around jars of water and brushes. With watercolor, one little splash could make me an unhappy camper.

This painting has got me so excited, that I don't want to put the paint brush down. I want to do more, and am planning the next painting in my head, as I paint. I'm thinking of calling this one "Spring Creek".

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