Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Speedy"Contemporary Art Sculpture, Winner!

Speedy, winner of the People's choice award My contemporary art sculpture, Speedy, won the People's Choice award, at the SPACe Gallery, Mixed Media Show. I am so excited! What a fun evening, meeting everyone.
3 of my paintings and my Speedy sculpture can be at the SPACe Gallery, in La Veta, Colorado, till June.

Here is the link to the show: SPACe Gallery - Mixed Media Show.

Details of Speedy, can be seen on my website: In Art Studio - Speedy Sculpture


The Salems said...

wow well done..

Linda Hiller said...

Hi Liana,
TAG, you're it

Nancy Merkle has tagged me in a WORLDWIDE game of ARTIST BLOG TAG....you're next!

You can find the details and rules on my blog

at Art for Breakfast

Keep up the great work, Linda