Friday, October 24, 2008

New Resin Jewelry Rings

Rings. Can a girl have too many rings? Well, in my case -No. I am crazy for rings. They sit on my finger in front of my eyes all day, and just make me feel fabulous.

I have had some design ideas in mind for a while now, and finally made the time, to start creating the masters and molds. The only problem with rings are, there are so many sizes, and each size requires it's own master and mold. So, it takes more time to produce a line of rings.
My first ring design is done, in sizes 7, 8 and 9. I call it the "Coral Reef Starfish Pearl Ring", and it is gorgeous.

The cast resin band simulates Star Coral, with tiny 1.2mm Swarovski rhinestones embedded in the coral polyps. A cast resin starfish embraces a large 12mm Swarovski pearl. Around the base is scattered iridescent Swarovski rhinestones, bicone beads, glass bubbles, and a cast resin seashell. The rings is very light weight for it's size, and does not rotate on my finger. I love this ring, and am working on two more new ring designs.

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