Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Dragon Bracelet, Black Winged Dragon Jewelry

About a year ago, I had a customer ask me if I could design a dragon bracelet, similar to the vintage HAR dragon bracelet. I had never seen a HAR dragon, so I did some Google searching and was immediately overcome with jewelry lust. But, at the prices these bracelets were going for, I knew I would have to make my own. Except my dragon bracelet version has horns and wings.
I sculpted this 3-D dragon, with all the same details as my large dragon wristband, but at a much smaller scale. I had to wear my magnifying head piece, over the top of my reading glasses, to sculpt this little dragon. I knew he would be top heavy, so I designed the bracelet in an oval shape, to stay put on the wrist. My Dragon has a long tail, that connects to the body, with a spring loaded hinge. This bypass, clapper style bracelet is nice for easy on and off. I wanted vintage stones, but finding a reliable supply is almost impossible. So, I used the ones I found, to mold my own stones. This makes it possible to cast the stones is any color I want. The Swarvoski rhinestones, interspersed throughout the dragon bracelet, gives the bracelet just the right amount of sparkle.
Here is the all black dragon bracelet.
Dragon Bracelet, Black Dragon Jewelry

Dragon Jewelry Bracelet shown on model

Available in size small and medium. You can read more about my Dragon Bracelet and purchase one here: Dragon Jewelry by In Art studio on Etsy

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