Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coral and Pearls Resin Bracelet

I had been thinking about adding pearls to one of my coral resin bracelet designs for a while. I wanted a better attachment method than glue, and I wanted a more organic look than the standard round pearls. Since no solution readily came to mind, I put the design on the back burner.

On a recent shopping expedition, I came across a strand of gorgeous baroque pearls. I bought them, not knowing why I needed them (pure impulse buying) It wasn't until I got home, that I realized they were the perfect solution for my coral bracelet design. I love these pearls. They are soft and glowing, with such a wonderful, lustrous nacre, and delightful character. I fiddled with a way to attach them, till I realized, I could just string them on. Duh!

By drilling numerous, .032" diameter holes, and using clear nylon line, I wove the pearls in and out of the resin coral branches, in a natural, hap-hazard looking pattern. I added 4mm Swarovski bi-cone beads, in a soft turquoise color, interspersed among the pearls. The clear, nylon line is strong and invisible. The final design, appears as if the pearls and tiny turquoise beads, have been captured in the coral branches by the motion of the sea. Perfect.

Now, If I could just get some more jewelry designs off the back burner.
Coral, Pearls and Turquoise Bracelet
Coral, Pearls and Turquoise Bracelet

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