Friday, February 18, 2011

Silver Mermaid and Dolphin Resin Bracelet

I love silver jewelry, and have made sterling silver jewelry in the past. Being familiar with good quality silver, I am very picky about the color and mirror like appearance. I have been looking for a good silver pigment, for years. But have not been able to find one, that gives a realistic silver look. They were always too dull, or too sparkley, or just plain blah.

Just recently, I was testing some color combinations. I do this a lot. To my surprise, one of my tests came out a beautiful silver color. I was so excited, I had to run down to the shop and show my fiancé. By mixing 3 colors, that should never have worked together, I came up with a gorgeous silver. The only way, to get a more realistic silver look, is to use sterling silver leaf.

Well, here she is, my new silver mermaid bracelet. You can find her listed in my Etsy shop.

Silver Mermaid Resin Bracelet
Silver Mermaid Bracelet - Another View


Mackenzie Field said...

These are beautiful!

Grace said...

I think this is a gorgeous piece of work. Mermaids are my favorite fantasy creatures. I envy your ability to work with metals!