Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monarch Butterfly Ring

Celebrate the return of the monarch butterflies. Perched on your finger, with his little wings uplifted, he looks so real, even his little body is 3-dimensional. This is not a real Monarch Butterfly, but a perfect imitation of natures fluttering jewel, captured inside water-clear resin. Monarch Butterfly rings, are perfect casual jewelry for summer.

Find them in my Etsy Store, available in size 7 or size 8"
Monarch Butterfly Clear Resin Ring
Monarch Butterfly Ring
Monarch Butterfly Clear Resin Ring


Liquid &Tunsie said...

love ur work

MaryN said...

I love your paintings inspired by geology, too!
My paintings are inspired by nature and geology, too!

Glad I found your work on the web!

Mary C. Nasser

Emiko H. Seiei said...

That's amazing!
So much like the real thing...
I'm thoroughly impressed!!