Friday, January 13, 2012

Designing a Dragon Wristband – Dragon Wings

All summer my poor dragon sat, wingless.

The summers here in Colorado provide wonderful weather for working outdoors. So I take the opportunity to sculpt outside of my studio. These sculptures are mostly 3 foot and larger, that will not fit through the door and are too messy to work on inside. I sculpt with a modified concrete mix and wire. Totally different material and scale from my jewelry. I have found that switching mediums gives my creativity a boost.

One day, the answer to my dragon wings problem dawned on me. Duh! I was stuck in a rut! I had gotten so used to designing for my standard material, urethane resin, that I could not find a solution for my wings. The wings were not the problem. The problem was my material.

And so my hunt for the perfect new resin began.

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