Monday, December 14, 2009

Sculpting a Mermaid Bracelet Master - Sculpting a Treasure Chest

Now for the really fun stuff. The treasure chest is next. I have been thinking about this and I wanted a layered 3-D effect. But, because it sits behind the mermaid, it can not be too thick. The front and sides are twice as thick as the top, which is hard to see in the photograph. I want it to look like rough, old wood, like it's been under water for a long time. I added a lock and some strapping, for more detail. It's not finished, I want to make it look even more old, by roughening the corners and sides. But, you get the general idea. One of the benefits of having lived in the Florida Keys, was the opportunity of visiting the many treasure museums. I got to examine the items salvaged and collected from the local shipwrecks. I also had the opportunity to meet and get to know, the guys that did the salvage diving. What fun!

Mermaid Bracelet Detail - Treasure Chest

I've added hair to the mermaid and some jewels. The Mermaid's body is finished and soft fired, for 10 minutes at 265 degrees. She is not hard all the way through, but she is hard enough to scrape and sand, before adding her hair. She looks so much better with hair. Here, also, is her fancy little hand mirror. All the tiny pearls are glass, and will be fired and cast, right into the mold.
Mermaid Bracelet Detail- Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Bracelet Detail - Hand Mirror

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